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NYSE New York Stock Exchange

Everything you need to make a profit making decision in stock markets! Find out NYSE Today's Gainers or Closing Market Report for NYSE which gives you an overall idea of market breath. And Market reports for tomorrow, a list of shares and stocks which might show a gain in Tomorrow's NYSE market session!

Here is a list of NYSE Weekly Gainers and here are NYSE Monthly Gainers! And if that's not enough, then here are NYSE UpTrending Shares!

Want some technical readings? Here's a list of NYSE Shares Near Support and here are NYSE Shares Near Resistance! And if you are one of those who need moving averages, then here's NYSE Shares Above 60 Day Moving averages!
But that is not all... Here are Screeners that can find stocks that formed a specific pattern on charts , available for daily, weekly, and also monthly chart pattern formations.

And here are IntraDay platform for NSE and Intraday tips and predictions for NSE

And here are IntraDay platform for LSE and Intraday tips and predictions for LSE

And here are IntraDay platform for NASDAQ and Intraday tips and predictions for NASDAQ

Exclusive at MunafaSutra: PVM, MRSI & SuperFast Stochastics

PVM is simply Price to Volume Measure of any stock, plotted on a chart in an understandable fashion. Its an advanced version of MunafaSutra Money Flow charts, which tell you how much money came in a stock, or went out of it. Look for long green bars, and long gray volume bars to take a position. Details available in Munafa Stock Market Training material

Wonder which indicators and oscillators work best in intraday?

First of all, understand that all the indicators you are currently using are all based on prior day closing prices. Generally as long as 14 days or more. Indicators like:

  • MACD,
  • Stochastics,
  • RSI,
  • Moving averages etc...

How will 14 day old prices decide today's entry levels, target levels?

Start using indicators based on current day prices like:

  • MunafaSutraRSI MRSI,
  • SuperFast Stochastics

Comparison of various technical indicators is available here to find the best technical indicator for use in intraday trading

If you are not using, you are leaving money on the table in stock markets...

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